• Stress Relief

  • Pain Relief

  • Injury Care

Tailored to You.

We all strive to be and feel our best in our lives.  
Be it our new exercise routines, dietary intentions, daily practices... we try and we try hard.  But sometimes we need a little help, someone to bring their talents and special tools and help us dig out that boulder that is buried in our pathway.  We each have our gifts and our refined tools and techniques to offer our communities.   Allow me to show you mine.

If you have: 
~a rocky path ~a knotted back ~a hitch in your git-a-long ~a kink in your neck ~a creak in your step ~a pain in your butt ~an ache in your head ~a lumpy bed ~a storm in your heart ~a block for your art ~a lag in your energy ~a block in your chakra ~a babe in your womb ~a head with no room... 

...try my hands.

I like to fix things.  Fine tune them.  Realign.  Explore, experiment, sculpt, invite, soothe, smooth, engage, release, (and for some... dig and chisel).

Welcome Home!  
Relax. Unwind. Renew.  

Therapeutic and Holistic Massage


Therapeutic Massage.

Gentle and Deep.

Injury and Wellness Care.

Pre and Post-natal.

Ohm Sound Therapy. 

Erin Avelle

Highly Trained.

Nationally Certified.
Naturally Talented.

Open Hearted.

Tailored to You!

  • Breathe 

  • Release what No Longer Serves You

  • Invest in Your Well being

  • Return to Your Center

  • Let Yourself be Cared for

  • An Hour for You

Avelle Massage